Big news

It seems that my sojourn in Dundee is coming to an end. After two and a half years, I have been offered a job in the Big Smoke - yes I'm going to be moving back to England after 12 years to work in London (baby). I've been looking for a while now, I've not been excited about work for a while, and of course this has nothing to do with the lovely redbrown!

I'm going to be a proper civil servant, so I'm not sure I should reveal exactly what I'll be doing (no, I'm not a spy, see Civil Serf), but I'll be providing policy advice and writing speeches in the Government Department responsible for the UK research budget, the Intellectual Property Office (sounds boring, eh, but wait for it..) and UK SPACE POLICY. How cool is that!

Excitingly (!) the job starts in three weeks. So, I know its short notice, but if anyone fancies joining me I'll be in the Bon Accord next Friday (10th) for a swift half to celebrate. By that point I should be really panicking about everything I have to do before I move, so it should be quite amusing.

On the other hand, if you're not a Weegie, especially if you're anywhere in the south and fancy helping out a confused émigré to re-establish her social life, let me know.

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Not supposed to be shopping

...but I was ambushed by the sale rail in New Look at lunchtime.
I bought a pair of utility jeans with lots of funky pockets and a red and white checked shirt with poppers down the front.  I'm going to call this look "Sexy Telephone Engineer"!

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Race for Life update

I'm so bored this afternoon I went running in the rain. Then got bored of that so I'm back on the interwebs. 
I have acquired over the last month a suspicious amount of "specialist" running gear (i.e. clothes I wouldn't wear anywhere else) including proper trainers with white bits and shiny bits and funny lumpy bits.  Also, cut off jogging trousers with writing on the bottom. Not very me but they were a Primark special and I didn't notice the bum inscription until the second wear. And my special running t-shirt courtesy of

So now I have to hit you all up for money - you can sponsor me to run the 5k in just two weeks time using this magnificent sponsorship page on the interweb, which means that I don't have to harass you any further in person. Or if you'd prefer that, drop me a line and I'll be round yours later! 


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I've not been out to play much recently. Work stuff, plus study has kept me in Dundee for far too long. 
I don't even have an excuse to come through to Glasgow this weekend. But I'm coming. If anyone can think of a good reason for us to meet in the pub on Friday (beyond "because it's there"), please elaborate via the comments box.
Otherwise, pub? I'm guessing it'll be the Bon, and I probably won't be there much before 7, but don't let that stop you!
Also, if anyone is willing to carry me home and lay me out on their sofa Friday night, I'd appreciate it (its been a while since I've had more than a couple). I promise I'll be up and away bright and early on Saturday!

And for non-Glaswegians - quote of the day is from the Guardian food blog describing the worst kitchen gadgets:
Jamie Oliver Flavour Shaker. Mortar and pestle spliced with sex toy. Yet performs the function of neither.

Ahead of schedule

How peculiar. In the nightmare world of economics, I seem to be half an hour ahead of schedule. 
I do have 70 pages of micro left to cover today, but I think its well worth my while to take half an hour out and be sociable with the internet. Then another half an hour's work before Who!

In non-exam news, last month I was bribed with a t-shirt into promising to run the Race for Life.
Dundee's race is on the 15th June (six weeks away). So having not run for anything other than the bus in about 15 years, I've been trying to get out there a couple of times a week, and am slowly moving from walking (with occasional bursts of jogging)  to jogging (and occasionally slowing to a walk). 

Its still not fun, but this afternoon I covered 2.8 miles, mostly jogging, in half an hour. Next weekend I'm going to try for the full 5k. 
Trawling for sponsorship will follow as soon as I get my act together and find the web link.


Woe is me

For there seem to be all manner of plans and activities scheduled in the world this weekend, and I will be staying in Dundee.
I'm sure you'll all get on fine without me, but I just wanted to let you know I'm missing you, world. 

Also, no thunderstorms here in the East. How boring is that?

Exams start in one week and I am a reasonable distance away from being ready.  Revising, I get the niggly feeling that I am on the cusp of a moment where all the economics fits together, but all that's happening at the moment is that I am waking up at 6am with nightmares about goods that are perfectly elastic (BOING!) 

So, no more procrastination - I will learn all about the cost function, demand and equilibrium in monopolies before I go to sleep. Do not pass go, do not collect £200, wasn't it?

PS. One of my sisters friends describes herself as "athiest" on Facebook. Is that like the unbelievers' Pope?

Book meme

from  cuddles_batcave
Or not... as I can't get the LJ cut to work. Instead some observations:
1. I've read a few books. 
2. As a fast reader I stick to the principle 'I've started so I'll finish' (true for very long ones, not so much with the post-modern randomness). 
3. LJ's paste function is pants. I keep going back to the top of the list and a book is bold where it wasn't before.
4. I may do just about anything to avoid studying this weekend.


On the train Wednesday about 3pm. A man in his twenties jumped on just as the train was leaving and sat down opposite me. He made several phone calls in the hour between Glasgow and Perth and it wasn't a matter of listening in as much as not being able to block it out. The following account of his day is pieced together from all the calls.

He had been through to Glasgow for an interview - he was supposed to start some sort of work training placement but had failed to attend. He phoned his girlfriend to let her know that he was on his way home but the train was delayed (it wasn't) and that they had accepted his explanation that she had been sick and that he had looked after their child, then he had been offered a few days work by a family friend, but it hadn't resulted in a job. Bottle of buckie in hand, he told her that he had stopped off to see a friend after the interview, but no, he hadn't had a drink. He was going to get a mate to pick him up off the train and drop him off at hers. 

He hung up on his girlfriend when she was talking away by telling her we were going into a tunnel (we weren't), and phoned another woman. He told her he was on his way back through from Glasgow and needed to come over to her house to shower. He explained what had happened at the interview and that afterward he had dropped into the pub, sat down with two girls for a pint and ended up getting it  away with one of them in the toilets and he needed to sort himself out before going to see the girlfriend. She agreed to pick him up off the train.

He then played three Nickelback songs incredibly loudly through his phone whilst preening in the train window, texting and rearranging the coloured slidey things on his trainers into pleasing patterns. 

Talking to a male friend he went through the story again, including that both of the girls from the pub were texting him, and he might be back at the weekend to see one or both of them if he fancied meeting up. Also, wondering if the wee man will be up to much if he also got one away with the girl who was picking him up from the station, as the girlfriend would be suspicious if he couldn't perform that night. After shagging her mother (!) he thought he should really be more careful.  

I was trying to work and ignore him, but it was impossible - I was in stitches the whole journey. I felt like someone was going to jump out of the toilet with a camera and tell me it was all a big wind up. 

I don't know how much of it was true, but it was far and away the best conversation(s) I have ever overheard. Thanks, you workshy amoral asshole. Hope you get your comeuppance soon.